Mural panels installed at each side of main fireplace
• Constructed of Sunbrella fabric stretched over a light steel frame
• Designed to specification using reference material or original art
• Unlimited size and shape to complement any architectural space
Shown here: Vertical murals of
similar design, installed at either
side of a large fireplace. Panels
are 5 feet wide by 12 feet high.

The design reflects the vertical
elements of the space, and the
shapes in the hearth stonework.
Painted in five hues of flat latex
on mediterranean blue Sunbrella.
Large panel mural at Ridge Creek School
Click any image to view an enlargement.
Right: Twin murals painted in similar motif, installed above an entry stair.
Panels are 8 feet wide by 6 feet high, done in flat and gloss latex on white
For all of these panels, the fabric was painted prior to assembly, and then
attached to frames of welded steel tube.
Below: A mural detail; the installed right-side panel; a progress photo
showing the completed mural laid flat before attaching it to the frame.
Twin murals installed above the main stair
Mural detail Installed mural panel Mural before assembly to the frame
Below: Progress photos of mural detail, and the installed left-side panel.
Twin murals above the main stair
Mural in progress Mural detail Mural close-up
Mural detail Mural close-up Installed mural panel